About us

WebFocus marketing was started by Mike Overton in order to help others take advantage of the power of the internet to market and advance their businesses.


CEO, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Developer

There are millions of people out there that will bombard you and tell you anything just so you will pay them and you will get hardly anything for it.
Working with us you will feel the real connection to the people and that we really want to and know how to help you, and to us you are a person not just a client or a number.
This is Mike's story.
The first website I ever tried to build was when I saw my own mother trying to save and care for many stray cats and footing the bill herself. so I said lets try to make others aware and then they might be willing to help her. Well the process was complicated and confusing. Do I build it my self? use a template? have a consultant walk me through it? Just hire it done? What should I do?
Since then I have used all the methods mentioned above and more. The truth is getting a website up and running is not nearly as complicated as making it visible to search engines, which does take some time and a lot of background SEO work, connecting the computers languages to the humans that seek them. I created this company in order to help others avoid many of the things that I did wrong.
I discovered that I really love helping people and when it is done right the ability to tap into the world wide web is not only awesomely helpful, but nowadays if you don't have some kind of web presence its like your company doesn't really exist, and a bad presence is worse than no presence. This is something you really need to do right!
I have spent a lot of time learning and collaborating with some of the best internet marketers on the planet and continue to refine my group of colleagues and continue to work with the best of the best. I have assembled into my team all the pieces of the puzzle to give a unique advantage to all who hire us to help them. We can take you from start to finish, from creating your logo that matches your brand and values all the way to super social marketing, with your own video commercials. Your company will be the first one that people think of when they need the type of service you offer.
Try us out, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!