Custom Website Design- Why Is It Important?

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January 30, 2018
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January 30, 2018

You have probably heard about custom website design or custom web design. But is that really what it was? Read on for more information about custom web design.


The advantages of Custom Website Design


Custom website design is the way to make a one of a kind web page customized for an individual. It is a brand’s basic essence, it is what they are all about. It takes into consideration the whole experience from page layout and formatting to the end users experience. And furthermore what will be simple and easy for them to navigate and use.

Custom website designers think about the website’s target audience, purpose, function and traffic while building their designs. It’s considerably more than pretty pictures. Rather it is quite complex to relate to all the online advantages while keeping everything easy for the site visitor.

That being so, the other option to custom web design, which is often mislabeled a Custom designed Website, is using a Template or Template based web design. Some so-called custom designers change some text, pictures, or colors which means you get a few customizable features, but for the most part, you’re using a fundamental configuration with new images.

Custom web design services do cost more than template-based web design, but the ROI is much higher. Custom website design creates and adds value to your online image or reputation which is worth way more than what you save with template-based web design.




When you use a template layout, your image’s individuality and uniqueness is very limited or even lost.

When you use custom website design, it is completely built for your specific needs. As a result, there won’t be other contenders for your clients attention. Your website will be new and unique and the user experience will be one of a kind. (provided you hire the best custom website designers).  Also, you’ve really got a possibility at being noteworthy, as well! In discussion with your custom website designer, you can workshop your design to make it just right: it’s not just a simple, “pick whichever fits best”. It’s like having a suit custom tailored to you, rather than getting an off-the-rack one altered.


User experience


With a custom website design, you can likewise guarantee that the website is focused on your customers. Today the user experience is extremely important for your page, particularly in online shopping or providing services to your clients. With custom web design, you have the opportunity to shape how your users communicate with your brand and your products. Also, that is not the only thing that the user-experience is good for. There is a solid connection between a simple to-use site and a highly ranking site. Especially for sites with good mobile user experience. Most of these templates lack the user experience considerations to boost your rankings, which effectively loses your customers before they’ve even landed on your page.

Also there’s another reason: 25% of users refuse to purchase products online if the company’s web page is difficult to understand. Think about your own web usage.  if you have to work to find out something, you know you just close the window.  That’s what we all do.  Making your page simple to navigate is imperative and you can control what features you need or want on your site. By working with a custom website designer, you will loose the client loosing website design, by staying away from using client losing user interface.


If you are looking to build custom website designs which are perfectly matched with your business goals, you need someone who understands your business as well as you do. With exceptionally talented and creative custom website designers, Web Focus Marketing is the solution for you!

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