Guide To Creating Amazing Product Videos for Marketing

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January 30, 2018
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Regardless of whether you’re offering a product or service, your company promotional video can be the voila’ moment for your potential customers. A good promotional video production both compels the viewer to want to know more and feel the need to continue until they learn more. There are few standards for promotional video production which guarantee results and have been impactful. If you are looking to create product videos for marketing, these will be of help to you.


Product Videos for Marketing Tips:

Contextual relevance is important

Don’t simply flaunt your product, demonstrate how it fits in the master plan of your customers’ lives. How will the product make your customer’s life easy? Is it motivating a customer to accomplish more? Product videos for marketing must target how the product will impact the lives of the customers.


Share your story

When customers watch a promotional video they want to learn how it solves a problem for them or makes their life better, not necessarily learn a lot of technical specs about you or your product. They need to get to know the people behind the product or service and relate to others who use and love what you offer. Promotional videos should make the viewers connect with the usefulness of the product or service.


Don’t try to scare the audience

You should not make “fear” the main point of marketing in your company promotional videos.  Don’t try to compel the viewer to purchase your product out of fear of certain negative circumstances, such as “Act now or this deal will be gone forever”.  These kind of promotional videos put off customers and hardly anyone will watch the whole thing. Product videos for marketing should be informational as well as entertaining.  they should be hard to skip or not watch.


Focus on your target market

Often when bands go on tour, they’ll shout out the name of the city they’re playing in. We recommend doing the same in your product video, figuratively or even literally. Whether it’s a certain demographic or geographic audience you’re targeting, you should customize your product video to be highly relevant to your potential customer. When the company promotional video contains something that is related to the viewers, they tend to remember it longer, and make a deeper personal connection.


Infuse your video with some identity

Don’t be afraid to use a product video to showcase your brand’s identity. Showcasing your personality is a great way to differentiate your product from the millions of similar products out there. With promotional video production you can create the desired brand image for your products and services. This brand image is highly important because people immediately associate your brand image with either a great experience or poor service.  So you have to constantly build it up so that people mentally relate it to something desired.


Must have a Call to Action

Make it simple for potential customers to buy your product/service once the video reaches an end. How? Incorporate a suggestion to take action, or the next step to be taken. If someone watched the promotional video till the end, they are probably interested in purchasing it. Include a link to be able to place an order or know more about the product.


In summation, to make effective and intriguing product videos for marketing, attempt to be direct, innovative, and human, let your personality show through and you will connect with more people. All things considered, robots may watch your videos, but they surely wouldn’t buy your products.

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