Why Choose Us?


The reason we are called WebFocus Marketing “GROUP” is because we have taken the time to connect with industry leaders and besides the people we have on staff, we use freelancers from all over the world. Each aspect of the design and building of your awesome web presence is worked on by someone who is not only an expert, but also loves and has a passion for what they do. We do not use anyone who doesn’t absolutely love their job. This gives us the ability to tap into the most creative and most knowledgeable artists and developers available anywhere and we have collected them all together so you don’t have to spend years searching out who is best for your development project.


Besides the passion of our collection of experts, the fact that each of our artists and developers love what they do and take each project very personal, Automatically this results in charisma and stamina that you could never find anyone who will put more of their very heart and soul into the particular aspect that they are doing for your project


So… when you get a bunch of artists and developers together you have a unique collection of people who not only think outside of the box, they don't even care about boxes that limit anything. They mostly all have the mindset “Who cares about boxes!” So this makes quality control extremely necessary. We have a process wherein all my team keeps a check on each other and nobody can get too far out there because everybody else will reel them back in. Along with that is the fact that Mike the CEO personally checks every aspect of every project and makes sure that it is 100% in line with the end client’s vision and needs. He says when we get too big to give personal service, then we are too big to stick to our own core values, and we are never going to go there.
Think of the experience of calling support of a well-known cell phone company whose name consists of Letters A and T and T. We will never ever put clients through an experience like that!
Mike believes that you should feel like we are here to serve your needs. Sometimes this even means educating you on possible better ways to do something, but you still make the call. It’s your project. The only time we will not do something is if it is unethical, illegal, or outright morally wrong. We do not go against our core values just like we will never encourage you to go against yours.
We never forget these 2 things:
  • We must earn your confidence, respect, and trust.
  • It is a privilege to have a client choose to work with us.